Grow yourself. Develop your team.

Leaders form the future. Are you ready?

You have discovered the new paradigm in leadership: Rare Leadership.

Now, the goal is to practice the four uncommon habits that increase trust, joy, and engagement of the people you lead.

Be equipped to:

  • Cultivate emotional maturity in yourself and others
  • Develop the four habits of R.A.R.E. leaders
  • Promote a strong group identity
  • Keep relationships bigger than problems
  • Increase productivity through trust, joy, and engagement

Want to share RARE with others? Apply to become a Certified Trainer or Coach! Work with your own group using our training curriculum and online platform. Get paid to share RARE Leadership with others.

We are excited that you want to become a RARE Leader! See you soon!

  • Learn

    Download the worksheets. Watch the training video. Choose your Track. Then gather with your online small group to practice the skills for that month together!

  • Gather

    Our online Identity Groups with gather twice a month. One meeting will focus specifically on practicing the skills taught in the training video. The second meeting will focus more on engaging in community. Your group facilitator will guide discussion, skills practice and more!

  • Cultivate

    The culture-shift begins! The more you live out these skills, the more impact you make on those around you, and they also begin to shift. Cultivate a culture of Rare Leadership, where these skills are habitually in practice throughout your organization.

Grow Yourself!

Become the leader people want to follow.

The RARE Leadership Community Online includes:

  • Two group meetings each month
  • Training Videos
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Skills practice at all five stages of maturity
  • Discounts for individual coaching
  • Discounts on additional courses

Check us out for free the first month. Then, invest in yourself as a leader at the price that works for you. We have payment options as low as $49/month.

Grow Others!

Become a Certified Trainer &/or Coach!

As your leadership skills grow, you will naturally want to pour into others. APPLY for our Trainers and Coaches Community! You will have the opportunity to facilitate online groups, and even become certified as a Trainer or Coach. You can even earn while you learn through our revenue sharing program! Our Trainers and Coaches Community includes all of the above, PLUS:

  • Turn-key training curriculum on our site
  • Additional group supervision and training from a Certified Master Coach
  • Exclusive access to our Trainers and Coaches Resource Library 
  • Earning opportunities through revenue links
  • Discounts on additional courses
  • Discounts on individual coaching sessions and packages

To find out more, click on RARE Leadership PLUS below.

Training Sessions

  • 2

    Group Meetings

    • Group Meeting: RARE Leadership Community Online ( Passcode: rareLdr): Thursdays at 4 pm Eastern

    • Group Meeting Info (includes password): Thursdays at 4 pm Eastern

  • 4

    RARE Leadership Session 2: Understanding Maturity

    • RARE Leadership Session 2 Worksheet

    • RARE Leadership Session 2 Video Lesson: Maturity

  • 5

    RARE Leadership Session 3: The Elevator in Your Brain

    • RARE Leadership Session 3 Worksheet

    • RARE Leadership Session 3 Video Lesson: The Elevator in Your Brain

  • 6

    RARE Leadership Session 4: What Motivates Us?

    • RARE Leadership Session 4 Worksheet: What Motivates Us?

    • RARE Leadership Session 4 Video: What Motivates Us?

  • 7

    RARE Leadership Session 5: Imitation, Identity, Intimacy

    • RARE Leadership Session 5 Worksheet: Imitation, Identity, Intimacy

    • RARE Leadership Session 5 Video Lesson: Imitation, Identity, Intimacy

  • 8

    RARE Leadership Session 6: Remain Relational

    • RARE Leadership Session 6 Worksheet: Remain Relational

    • Rare Leadership Session 6 Video: Remain Relational

  • 9

    RARE Leadership Session 7: Act Like Yourself

    • RARE Leadership Session 7 Worksheet: Act Like Yourself

    • RARE Leadership Session 7 Video Lesson: Act Like Yourself

  • 10

    RARE Leadership Session 8: Return to Joy

    • RARE Leadership Session 8 Worksheet: Return to Joy

    • RARE Leadership Session 8 Video: Return to Joy

  • 11

    RARE Leadership Session 9: Endure Hardship Well

    • RARE Leadership Session 9 Worksheet: Endure Hardship Well

    • RARE Leadership Session 9 Video Lesson: Endure Hardship Well

  • 12

    RARE Leadership Session 10: Running the Race

    • RARE Leadership Session 10 Worksheet: Running the Race

    • RARE Leadership Session 10 Video Lesson: Running the Race

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Meet your Master Trainer

Therapist, Coach, Author

Dawn Whitestone

Dawn Whitestone, LMHC, is the founder of WhiteStone Professionals, LLC and the author of Strategic Business Prayer and the Strategic Business Prayer Workbook. Her passion is growing people into their full potential. Ms. Whitestone has developed a targeted approach to organizational growth and professional development utilizing the Four P’s: Purpose, Plans, People and Productivity. For those who dare to invite God into their work-life, Ms. Whitestone utilizes a unique approach she calls Strategic Business Prayer, which is also the title of her first book. She is sought after as an author, speaker, Executive Coach, Business Consultant and Program Development Specialist in the areas of Leadership, Professional and Personal Development and Coaching. Contact her at