Are you ready for more joy?

The Joy Reset Project is ready for you!

Are you anxious or angry for no apparent reason?  Do enjoyable experiences fade away fast?  Is a “normal” day disappointing or downright miserable?

It may be because your brain has set that as “normal.”  Before our second birthday, we develop a sense of “normal” based on our experience of life to that point.  If your parents were miserable, depression became your normal.  If your home was filled with anger, irritability became the norm.  If your caregivers worried all the time, anxiety felt normal.


What if your normal day could be full of joy and contentment rather than anxiety, irritability or numbness?  What if, in about a month, you could reset your brain to a NEW NORMAL in less than 30 minutes a day?


Are your ready for a NEW NORMAL?  Welcome to the Joy Reset Project!  Here’s how it works:

Every day for four weeks, we will practice fun and easy activities to reset your brain to a more joyful normal.  The project will roll out in four parts.

  • Part One: Preparation and joy stretches.
  • Part Two: Five minutes, once a day in the evening.
  • Part Three: Five minutes, twice a day, evening and morning.
  • Part Four: Five minutes, three times a day, evening, morning and mid-day.

If you stick with this program daily, you should notice yourself smiling more often, feeling less irritable, anxious or down, and just generally feeling better about life.

Curious? Check out the FREE course sessions below to find out how easy it is to make joy your new normal!

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Grow your brain's joy center!

Less than a dollar a day for 36 days--and a full 90 days to watch, practice and rewatch!


Therapist, Coach, Author

Dawn Whitestone

Dawn Whitestone, LMHC, is the founder of WhiteStone Professionals, LLC and the author of Strategic Business Prayer and the Strategic Business Prayer Workbook. Her passion is growing people into their full potential. Ms. Whitestone has developed a targeted approach to organizational growth and professional development utilizing the Four P’s: Purpose, Plans, People and Productivity. For those who dare to invite God into their work-life, Ms. Whitestone utilizes a unique approach she calls Strategic Business Prayer, which is also the title of her first book. She is sought after as an author, speaker, Executive Coach, Business Consultant and Program Development Specialist in the areas of Leadership, Professional and Personal Development and Coaching. Contact her at


  • Why is there a fee for this? Shouldn’t this kind of thing be free?

    At WhiteStone Professionals, we make every effort to provide the best services and resources possible at affordable prices. We offer a free resource library, a blog and occasionally, even some services for free on a limited basis. We invite and encourage you to take advantage of all of those free offerings! However, we are pretty ordinary people—probably just like you. We like to eat and live indoors. We have bills to pay. In short, we have to work for a living. Our work is coaching, consulting and training. In order to provide these services and create useful products, we have to charge for our time and expertise. So, we work hard to provide something of value. We seek to make sure that when you purchase a training course, a webinar, or a coaching session, the value you receive far exceeds what you pay for it. We are also looking for sponsors. If you would like to sponsor a webinar, please contact us!

  • Aren’t you a non-profit? Don’t you get donations to cover expenses?

    No. We are not a non-profit organization and we are not a church. When God called Dawn to start this business, He was very clear that it was to be a business, not a non-profit. However, if you would like to sponsor or advertise with any of our services let's talk! Contact us at 407-605-2720.

  • I have another question. How can I contact you?

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